Available Services

Document translation

Our experience with large document translations is very wide indeed! We have a special department that works specifically with managing your document translations and a variety of localized projects.

Software / Website Localization

Localization is the adaptation of products or services to the cultural, legal, linguistic, and technical requirements of a specific location or market.
It allows you to adapt your image to a different country or audience.
Our professional service of website translation and localization includes native language translators and technicians who are experienced in translating website content for the target country.

QTC partners with the best and most professional Web Designing Companies in the Middle East.

Subtitling and Dubbing (Voice Over)

Audiovisual Translation : We always ensure that we provide the best audiovisual translation for our clients.

Our audiovisual team has relevant training and many years of experience within this specialist field.

The services that we offer within the audiovisual translation field include:

  • Translation and synchronization
    for dubbing
  • The translation of…
    • Scripts for films
    • Cartoon series
    • Documentaries
    • Audio content
    • Publicity
  • The synchronization of the translation for the studio dubbing process.
  • The creation of subtitles for…
    • Films
    • Publicity
    • Cartoon series
    • Theatre plays
    • Documentaries


QTC will work hard to produce transcribed documents with a guarantee of accuracy to archive your important events.

The output of your transcription is available in formats specified by you, our client.

Proofreading & Copy editing

Your reputation depends on accurately translated and proofread documents when you need them. With our top-quality proofreading and copy editing services, you can rest assured that the target document is error-free and thoroughly checked for accuracy.

Quality is central to the way we work, you can rely on us!


Let’s impress, entertain and engage your audience with creative copywriting. We are here to write sophisticated, informative and ultra-stylized documents that magnify the benefits of your company, and lead to customer satisfaction.

Our copywriters will also determine your marketing message and key-phrase strategy.


Our typing service is a business area we have developed to help busy individuals like yourself.

We provide the highest quality virtual typing services of all kinds to a diverse array of clients.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

If your need is for Desktop Publishing, you have found the best place to save time and have a knowledgeable staff that can help! We have an in-house Desktop Publishing (DTP) department that can work with almost every Desktop Publishing (DTP) tool available.

The final product is proofread by an independent, native speaker of the target language who will correct any potential misprints, missing letters, or other errors resulting from the typesetting process.